I am a big fan of photography in general, and panoramic photography in particular. A couple of years ago I managed to get some basic equipment and started to do my own panoramic HDRIs, either for professional work or just for fun.

Since then I have shot lots of panoramas and now, I want to share some of my sets with anyone interested.
You can use it to light your own 3D scenes or do whatever you want with it, just mention where you got it from, please.


This HDRI set includes a 8k .jpg panorama as camera background, a 4k .hdr as specular component for reflection, and a blurred low-res .hdr as diffuse environment lighting. It is all ready to be used in sIBL-GUI.


An interactive low-res version of this pano can be watched here.

Download sIBL set (Moraira Castle)